Tony Lin and Koumeworks

Tony Lin has been in charge of menu design and construction at Cafe Malacca, a South East Asian Fusion Cafe in Nakazaki-Cho, in Osaka.

Because his new shaved iced ice plan refused by Cafe Malacca owner in 2016, Tony has started set up a new shaving ice business independently, with The business site name “Komuworks” from Aug. 2016.

The name “Koume” is took from the name of the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit living with him.

Tonly Lin History

Tony Lin, Human

He started supporting Cafeteria Sonrisa from Apr. 5th, 2013.
He made Cafeteria Sonrisa as Co., Ltd.
He closed Cafeteria Sonrisa on June 30th, 2015 and He opened the new cafe named as “Cafe Malacca” on July 1st 2015. He established “Koumeworks” as Tony Lin Design Office on Aug 14th, 2016.


Koume, Rabbit, Netherland Dwarf

She was born on March 17th 2013 at Usagi-Boshi, Rabbit Shop in Higashi-Yodogawaku, Osaka. She grow up in Honjo-Nishi, Kita-ku, Osaka from 2013 to  2015. She moved to Kurosaki-Cho, Kita-ku, Osaka on Aug, 31th, 2015. She has been the representative character of Cafe Malacca.


Momoko, Fish, Bicolor Dotty back

Seawater fish came from Kondo Tropical Fish Shop of Nakazaki-Cho, Osaka. Her body is divided into pink and yellow. She strongly drive out other fish from her territory.


Cafe Malacca Osaka(Food Business Management)

Tony has been responsible not only for designing logos, menus, and websites but also for installing interior and electrical equipment. Tony is also responsible for tax measures, food, and labor cost calculation, and operates a store as co-owner.

Koume Rabbit’s Ice Kacang(South East Asian Shave Ice Food Design)

Koume & Momoko (Illustration)

Illustration depicting the days of Koume and Momoko.

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Tony Lin Modern Art Museum

Koume Rabbit’s Pancake

Koume Works

TLMoMA in Osaka, Tony Lin Museum of Modern Art